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Venison and other Game Meats
Recipe Name Notes
Marinated Cube Steaks Cube steaks marinated in Italian dressing and grilled to a perfect medium rare.
Spiedies A New York favorite - sandwiches made with marinated chunks of game meat
Cube Steaks in Bacon-Mushroom Gravy Rich and tasty, this recipe is not for the heart healthy consumer.  But it sure is good!
Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Gravy Flavorful and simple; great when you don't know what to do with that last bit of ground meat.
Chicken Fried Venison Steaks One of our favorites; cube steaks lightly fried in olive oil.  Spicy and delicious.
Blackened Backstrap Medallions Seared venison backstrap, cooked outside in a cast iron skillet
Venison Chili Perfected over the course of several years; a wonderful treat for winter nights.
Wild Turkey Nuggets A tasty way to prepare wild turkey breasts
Recipe Name Notes
Macaroni and Meat A childhood favorite, this recipe is cheesy and delicious
Sean's Spaghetti Sauce Modified from a recipe of my mom's, this is a family favorite
Lasagna with Venison and Wild Boar Another recipe from mom, everyone loves this meaty and spicy lasagna
Quail Alfredo A simple pasta dish made with the most delicious of game birds
Vegetables and Potatoes
Recipe Name Notes
North Carolina Green Beans Hot and peppery; green beans cooked all day make a wonderful side dish
Rosemary Red Potatoes Everyone's favorite; these potatoes are crunchy outside and soft on the inside
Baked Potatoes Another time-perfected recipe, the best baked potato you've ever had
Roasted Parmesan Potatoes A variant of the rosemary potatoes above, these are cheesy and delicious
Fried Green Tomatoes A southern favorite; fried in olive oil and topped with goat cheese
Baked Potato Soup A creamy take on a winter favorite.
Loaded Potato Skins Excellent when paired with Baked Potato Soup
Soupy Rice A creamy rice dish that pairs well with grilled wild boar chops
Recipe Name Notes
Pork Ribs A deer camp favorite; marinated for days and charred to perfection
Amish Friendship Bread Although not really Amish in origin, this is still a wonderful holiday treat.
Lexington BBQ Sauce A spicy vinegar based BBQ sauce that can't be beat
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