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Marinated Cube Steak

This is one of the simplest ways that I know of to cook venison, but it is also one of my favorites.  For years, this was Micki's favorite way to eat deer meat.  It's also the way that I used to cook almost all of my cube steak before I came up with the more complicated recipes discussed on this site.

In South Carolina, most deer processors return quite a lot of cube steak with your order, and this recipe gives you an easy way to prepare and serve this old southern favorite.


  • 6 Venison Cube steaks (or 2 steaks per person)
  • 1 Bottle of fat free Italian salad dressing
Place the cube steaks in a storage container, then cover them with the salad dressing.  Let them marinate for at least 24 hours.   I've found that the fat free salad dressing works just as well as the real stuff, so if you want to save calories, go ahead and use the low fat stuff.

I find that a gas grill is more efficient for this recipe simply because the meat won't be on the grill for very long.  Heat the grill to 350 degrees, then cook the steaks for just 5 minutes per side.  Remember, with venison the key is not to overcook it.  Serve and eat immediately after removing from the grill.  Venison is best if it does not have a chance to cool after it has been cooked.
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