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Blackened Venison Backstrap Medallions

This has got to be one of my favorite ways to cook backstraps.   Be sure to do this one right, or it won't come out as well as it should.  Always use a cast iron skillet, real butter, and do your cooking outside over a hot flame.

I used to use the base of my turkey fryer to heat my skillet, but I have since bought a better one as shown in this link.

I also previously recommended Astor Cajun Seasoning from Winn-Dixie for this recipe, but all of the Winn-Dixie stores in my area have closed, and I have found a better seasoning anyway.  I now recommend Chef Andre's Cajun Spice from Old Mansion Foods for this recipe.


  • 1 venison backstrap
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • Cajun blackening season to taste
Cut the backstrap into 1-inch thick medallions.  Although you can go a little thicker if you like, one inch seems to work the best for me.   Heavily coat both sides of each medallion with your Cajun blackening seasoning.

Put your skillet on the flame and let it get quite hot.  When the skillet is heated, drop in the butter and stir it around so that the whole skillet is coated.  Be careful with this!  I have had butter flare up on me and catch fire if the skillet is too hot.  Place each medallion in the skillet.  Again, be careful!  It will smoke heavily and will likely splatter hot butter.

When the medallions are sufficiently blackened on one side, turn them over and do the other side.  The outsides should be dark brown to black, while the insides should remain medium rare.

Remove from skillet and serve hot.
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