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Grilled Pork Ribs

This is another simple recipe, but it's so good that it's one of those that we just had to share.  This stuff is absolutely fantastic with wild boar ribs. 

This recipe works fine on a gas grill, but if you've got a charcoal grill available, please use it for best results.

Note that I'm well aware that most professionals use rubs instead of marinades for their ribs.  Rubs are great, and I use them too, but this specific rib recipe does not call for any kind of rub.


  • 1 pack of "country style" pork ribs. 
  • 1 bottle of Lupo's "Pork BBQ Marinade"
  • 1 cup of hickory chips
First, you must make these ribs using the Pork BBQ Marinade from Lupo's.  I've never found any BBQ sauce that comes close to this for use on ribs.  Second, soak your hickory chips for 8 hours, no matter what the bag says.  If you're not using a charcoal grill, then of course you can skip the part about the ribs.

Marinate the ribs in the BBQ sauce for one to two days.  This is really important.  The sauce really penetrates the ribs, and the longer it soaks, the better it will taste.

Get your charcoal grill going until it is a bed of hot red coals.  When it is ready, put the hickory chips around the edge of the charcoal (so that it doesn't cause the charcoal to go out), then cook the ribs for about 3o minutes or until done to a medium well.

If you get the occasional flare-up, go ahead and let the fire char the ribs.  A little bit of burn on the outside of the ribs adds great flavor.
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