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The 1997 Hunting Season

One of the things that I enjoy the most about hunting is the solitude of it all... of being alone in the woods with just my thoughts for company.  And yet in truth I am not alone.  When I shot my last deer I shot at him twice.  That morning as I was skinning him out, after the hunt was over, a neighbor came by to see what all the shooting had been about.  He laughed when he saw only one hit on the deer... "You missed him on that first shot, huh.  That's what I figured," he said.

I'm hunting down in South Carolina this year, as I have for the past 6 years, with Arnold Kirk, my hunting buddy and a family friend.  Arnold and his wife Nancy own a beautiful log home on 150+ acres down around Lancaster.  We've put a lot of work into the land, cleaning up from the damage from hurricane Hugo in 1989.  It's a great place to hunt, as I hope some of the pictures on this page will demonstrate.  I've broken the pictures up by weekend.  

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1997  Game Record
Animal Seen Killed
Whitetail Buck 0 1
Whitetail Doe 0 0
Turkey (Gobbler/Jake)0 0
Turkey (Hen) 0 0
Coyote 0 0
Fox 0 0
Bobcat 0 0
Squirrel - 0
Dove - 0
Quail- 0
Crows 0
Ducks / Geese 0 0
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November 1, 1997    

Next week... Ted and I go to Estill, SC for a combination wild boar and deer hunt.


October 25, 1997    
I took this as we relaxed between the morning and afternoon hunts on 10/25.  From left to right, that's Arnold, Clint Beaver, and Doug Beaver.  The Beavers live just down the road from Arnold's farm.
October 23, 1997     
In late 1997, I was again deerless.  I was coming off my second straight three deer season, and it was beginning to look like I was going to be skunked for the first time since 1994.  While hunting at Arnold's land, I decided to go ahead and take a doe if I saw one, just to get some meat in the freezer.

I was hunting in a climbing stand down in a hardwood bottom near the pond.  As the morning wore on, I finally heard a deer approach from my right.  It came walking quickly past my stand, and I, thinking that it was a doe, had only a second or two to raise my rifle and fire.  I saw the deer jump, then watched it run off into the woods.

This was the first time that a deer that I shot with my 7mm magnum actually did anything other than drop in its tracks.  I climbed down and immediately found the blood trail.  It was easy to follow, and I soon saw the deer lying dead against a tree some 50 yards from where I shot it.  I was somewhat disappointed to see that I had shot this three pointer.  I had honestly not seen the antlers, and was sure that it was a doe.  I regretted the fact that I shot it, but at the same time it was nice to fill my tag for the year.

Arnold had heard the shot, and soon came driving up on the four wheeler to help me load it up.  We had some new puppies to take to the vet that morning, so we took the deer down to the shop where I field dressed him, then loaded him up to take to the processor. 


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