Daily Bread for Deer Hunters is now Available!
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In this, the second book in the Hunting for the Heart of God series, Sean Jeffries has written a devotional that has one chapter per book of the Bible. Though the Bible itself is not about hunting, many of the principle and precepts of the Christian life can be applied to our lives in the outdoors. Daily Bread for Deer Hunters explores sixty-six different themes and provides the reader with thought questions to help him discover how they apply to his own life, both as a hunter and as a man of God.

This book and all of our others are available as signed copies in the Wingshooters Store, in print on Amazon.com, and all eBook platforms including Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and others.

HuntingLife.com reviews Deer Hunter's Devotional
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Mitch Strobl over at HuntingLife.com recently reviewed Deer Hunter's Devotional.  I wanted to thank Mitch for giving us a great review, and encourage you to head on over to the site to check it out.  You can find the full review at this link.

From the review:

Reading this book is much like completing a connect the dot puzzle; Sean points out how we can connect all aspects of deer hunting to our faith! I urge you to read Deer Hunter's Devotional; it ... really packs a punch

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I wanted to say a quick word of thanks to those who have already purchased Eight Days in Africa and Always Take Your Rifle. My newest book, Deer Hunter's Devotional: Hunting for the Heart of God is also now available. You can order all my books at the  Wingshooters Store and on the  Amazon Kindle.  Signed copies of the books are available in the Wingshooters Store.

Eight Days in Africa now on the Amazon Kindle Store
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Back in March of 2005, I started planning a hunting trip to Africa. Over the years, I kept a journal on this website that detailed every aspect of that trip, from the planning, to the execution of the trip, to the return back home.  I kept careful track of everything that I did for that trip, from start to finish, and the result is the book "Eight Days in Africa".

The safari took place in South Africa in 2007, and the hunt was everything that I had hoped it would be. Wildlife was plentify, Africa was beautiful, and the staff and crew of Limcroma safaris were wonderful to work with.

While on the hunt, I kept on writing my journals, ultimately posting the entries here on Wingshooters after the safari was over.

Eight Days in Africa
After I got home from Africa, I kind of let the last few chapters go and never got around to finishing it. Recently, however, I decided that I didn't like leaving the work undone, so I wrote the last few chapters, polished and expanded the existing sections, and published it on Amazon.

If you don't own a Kindle but would like to read the book, Amazon has free Kindle software for iPods, iPads, Blackberries, PCs, and Android phones. A print version of the book will also be available sometime in early August.

Trail Camera Gallery now Available
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I'm still slowly working on the redesign of Wingshooters, and though it's mostly been finished for some time, there are still a few sections of the site that are incomplete.  The Trail Camera Gallery is now available for use, and it will display my favorite pictures that I've captured over the years on my cameras.

My current array of cameras includes a trio of ScoutGuard SG550V cameras and a single StealthCam flash camera.  The ScoutGuards are by far the best cameras I've used.  The optional security box makes them difficult to steal, and the eight AA batteries last three to four months and take thousands of pictures.

I am the NRA
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The NRA Annual Meeting is being held in Charlotte this year.   Since we live in the area, it was just something that I couldn't miss.  So, this morning I drove up to Charlotte, got on board the Lynx train and rode downtown to the Convention Center.  The whole trip from my house to the Center took about an hour.  Once there, I retrieved my entrance credentials from the will-call booth, then headed down to get a look at the show.

NRA Annual Meeting

Some people would label the NRA as an extremist organization.  I have become, in recent years, something of an extremist myself.  I didn't start out that way... but when left wing politicians want to ban the sale or transfer of all semi-automatic weapons, I consider that pretty extreme.   And it requires an extreme response.   It requires gun owners to become involved at local, state, and federal levels.  It involves making our voices heard, and our voices must be heard saying "NO". 

So I went to the convention, and had an absolutely great time.  I got to shake hands with Ted Nugent, who I've met a couple of times before, and also with noted hunters Jim Zumbo and Craig Boddington.  I ran into a lot of folks who frequent the Nuge Board, Ted's internet forum.  I only regret that I was unable to make it to the leadership forum on Friday, where Sarah Palin, Chuck Norris, Oliver North, and other great patriots spoke.

Backyard Deer
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Around five years ago I noticed what looked like a single deer track in my backyard.  Our house backs up to several hundred acres of woods, so I put  a salt block out at the woodline and started watching for deer.   I started seeing more and more tracks, and eventually saw the deer themselves.

With the explosion in the deer population, they are found almost anywhere these days, so having them in our back yard is not unique, but I still enjoy seeing them back there.  This past summer I built a feeder for them, and I put corn into it on a pretty regular basis.  I've got a trail camera watching the corn, and from time to time I get some good pictures.

The pictures below are unique in that the first one has seven does in it.  I've seen as many as 10 at one time back there, but for the most part only five visit the yard with any regularity.  The second is rare because we almost never see bucks back there.  I've seen a few over the years, including one really big one once, but the two here are ones that I had never seen or captured on camera.


John and Stasi Eldredge - Love and War
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Followers of this website will be well aware that I think that John Eldredge is one of the greatest Christian teachers of our time.  Having been to his "Wild at Heart" boot camp in Colorado, and having heard him speak a few other times at various venues, I'm compelled to recommend the new book that he and his wife have written.

They'll be touring early next year, and I highly recommend that you try to get a chance to see them if you can.  They'll be in several different locations around the country in January and February, so try your best to find an event near you.

Love and War by John and Stasi Eldredge
Wingshooters.net Redesign
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The Wingshooters website layout has not undergone a real change since the summer of 2003.  In light of that, I was getting a little bit tired of the way it looked and how much work I had to do just to add an entry to the main page, so I decided that it was time to redesign the entire site. 

As you can see, we have an entirely new look and feel.  My initial hopes for the site were that it would be a source for outdoor news and product reviews, and that it would also be a battleground where we would fight the idiocy of liberalism as it relates to items like guns, hunting, and religion.  In the end, I just didn't have time to keep up with all  of the research necessary to keep the site current. 

So, to that end, I have removed all of the outdoor news, as well as several other items that I felt were not relevant to the new direction of the site.  The main page will now contain articles on whatever I feel like writing about on any given day.  My hunting journals will still be online, and will have a new and more modern look.

You may encounter broken links and other problems with the site for the next few weeks as I continue to work on the final product.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by.