reviews Deer Hunter's Devotional
Posted by sportsman on February 26th, 2011 at 05:07 PM

Mitch Strobl over at recently reviewed Deer Hunter's Devotional.  I wanted to thank Mitch for giving us a great review, and encourage you to head on over to the site to check it out.  You can find the full review at this link.

From the review:

Reading this book is much like completing a connect the dot puzzle; Sean points out how we can connect all aspects of deer hunting to our faith! I urge you to read Deer Hunter's Devotional; it ... really packs a punch

Posted by Ron on March 8th, 2011 at 02:30 PM


  I sure enjoy your book "Deer Hunter's Devotional".  I look forward to reading it every morning.  Sometimes I read two or three daily devotionals.  It is especially close to me in that I too grew up in that part of the world.  Some of the stories you write, they bring back memories.  I am 64 now and hunted in both North Carolina and South Carolina for many years in my youth - at least 10 years - which is not much - but it laid the foundation for all the years that followed and the places I hunted.  I could tell you stories about numerous places I hunted in South Carolina ( some are in the same area's you mention ) and also in North Carolina in the Uhariari National Forest.  I was born in Kannapolis, N.C. and my dad and uncle took me hunting in S.C. & places in N.C. when I was old enough to shoot a gun.  I still have the 1st deer that I killed ( a 6 point buck ) which my uncle mounted for me - I shot this deer in S.C. but can't remember the location.  I have not hunted in that neck of the woods for 40 years and would love to make another hunt just for the memories.  After leaving home in 1966 for Viet Nam , I send spent the next 33 years in the military - and retired in 2000.  I started hunting again when I was lucky enough to get stationed in Alaska - but these Blacktails are not nearly as smart as the Whitetail Deer.  I have had many successful Blacktail deer hunts - and killed more than my share - giving most of the meat to the mission house here in Kodiak in earlier years.  Now that I am retired, I own and run a fishing lodge here in Kodiak, the Beaver Creek Lodge -   I have been lucky enough to also claim just about every big game species that Alaska has to offer the hunter.  Many are tropies and are proudly displayed in the lodge for our guest to enjoy and get the "feel of the Alaska environment".   More recently, for the past three years, I have tried to get back into the whitetail hunts - of which I have gone to Canada to pursue these big monsters.  I have a few good buck to my account to date and I my eyes on several more that has slipped by me last year and the year before.  They should only be bigger this year.  I will try again this year to score on my Canadian hunt.  I plan to take about 6 or more of your Deer Hunters Devotional books with me and place in the rooms at the lodge I will be staying.  It will be good for the hunters to read and may lead them to other higher grounds.  In closing, like I said earlier - reading your stories sure brought back some good memories - one day, I look forward to making a final hunt back in my old stomping ground where it all started.  If you ever get the chance and want to come to Alaska - you're always welcome here. 

Ron Eller

Beaver Creek Lodge Kodiak

11572 South Russian Creek Rd

Kodiak, AK.  99615