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Outfitter Name Mitchell Outfitting Mitchell Outfitting
Floyd Mitchell
PO Box 228
Broadus, MT 59317
(406) 436-2522
Hunt Date November 1996
Quarry Mule Deer
Total Cost $3500 (lodging, meals, trophy care, transportation)
Length 5 days
Terrain Prairie, mountains, grassland
Health Strenuous.  Much walking required, including small mountains.
Explanation The five star rating is given due to the first class quality of this hunt.  The food is fantastic, the game is plentiful, and the guides are very hard working. 
How the Hunt is Conducted
The guides will take you to their leases in four-wheel drive vehicles.  From the vehicles you will glass the plains and mountains looking for game.  When acceptable game is found, you will make a stalk and take your animal.  Your stalk may be as short as 50 yards or as far as two miles.  My own experience was that we saw two does on the side of a hill at two miles away.  We made a very long stalk into the mountains and found a buck with the deer, which I took.  Conversely, one of the other guys in my truck took his animal as he (the hunter) was standing beside the truck.  This hunt is as hard or as easy as you want to make it.  I wanted it hard, and hard it was.

This will be a hard hunt to beat.  The price is expensive, but it was supposed to be for an antelope/mule deer combo.  I did not draw the antelope tag, so I ended up hunting only the mule deer.  Floyd Mitchell, the proprietor, works extremely hard at getting his customers a good trophy.  He and his guides are protective of the smaller animals and will not allow guests to shoot them.  

Your daily hunt begins before sunup and you generally are not back at the camp until after dark.  The food at the camp is absolutely wonderful.  We ate mule deer every night for supper, cooked in various ways, all of them good.  Breakfasts were good, and lunches were simple sandwiches packed for us to take into the field.  The camp holds a maximum of nine hunters.  During my week, there were seven hunters in the camp.  We all filled our tags by the third day.  Four of the hunters had antelope tags, which were also filled by the third day.  After filling your tag, you are allowed to hunt to sharptailed grouse, prairie chickens, coyotes, and prairie dogs.  This hunt is highly recommended.

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