Deer #2
10/21/1995 5 Point Buck Lancaster, SC 7mm Magnum Ruger Morning 10 Yards
The morning after I killed the doe on the power lines, I decide to hunt on a stand in some hardwoods down near the pond.  Both Arnold and I thought that this ought to be a great place for deer.  Earlier in the year I had missed a bow shot at a large buck, but that had been the only deer that we'd ever seen there.  It was one of those spots that looks great, but that seldom comes through. Arnold decided to hunt on the power lines

On this particular morning, the rain was lightly falling, and I have to admit that I was quite drowsy.  I remember drifting slowly off to sleep.  I awoke quickly, having heard, through my slumber, the sound of a stick cracking in the woods behind me.  I turned full around in the ladder stand, and was actually standing on the top step.

I saw the five pointer at the same time as he me.  He snorted and started to run off.  I raised my rifle almost without thinking, slipped the safety off, and quickly fired.  The deer dropped without a sound.  I sat in the stand for a couple of minutes and watched him as he lay there unmoving. When I had decided that he was dead, I climbed down and saw that I had taken him in the neck, and that I had taken my first buck of any size.

Although the story should end there, it really doesn't.  I dragged the deer back through the woods toward the road, where I found an Indian arrowhead fragment that was the beginning of my arrowhead collection.  I then walked back to the camp and got my truck.  I loaded the deer up and drove back up to the camp to wait for Arnold to come out of the woods.  I had heard several shots from his direction, so I figured that he had a doe and that he would need my help loading it up.

As Arnold came driving up, I told him that I had taken the lead for the year, with two deer to my credit to his one that he had taken a couple of weeks earlier.   He smiled slyly and told me that he had three down out on the power lines. Although the limit on deer is two per day, Arnold had thought that he had missed one of them, when he had really made a good shot.  I'll never forget how hard we worked dragging those three bucks of Arnold's, two spikes and a six pointer, back to his truck.  We had to pull them up through a gully with a tractor, and by the time we had them loaded we were both exhausted.  When we were finished, we had four bucks loaded in the back of his truck, and my doe the day before made 5 deer for the weekend, a record that we'll never top, nor would we try to.