Deer #2
10/20/1995 Doe Lancaster, SC 7mm Magnum Ruger Afternoon 130 Yards
In 1994, I was again "skunked."  Arnold blamed this on the fact that I had taken up going line dancing on a weekly basis with a group of folks from work.  Arnold said that the deer could smell the line dancing all over me.  By 1995, I had given up going to the clubs, and all of the smell had worn off.  Arnold had placed a stand out on some power lines that ran through his property.  The stand was overlooking a new wheat field, and on the first evening of a two day hunt, I decided to give the stand a try.

Shortly before dark, I saw a doe emerge at the far end of the field, quite a good distance from the stand.  I decided to try my hand at this long shot.  The bullet took the deer in the heart with so much energy that I actually saw her do a full flip to the side in my scope.  She was down, and I had my first deer of the year.