Deer #2
1993 Spike Buck Lancaster, SC 7mm Magnum Ruger Afternoon 80 Yards
Although I hunted pretty hard throughout 1992, both on Arnold's land and in the Uwharrie National Forest, I was unable to take a deer in that year.  So, when 1993 came, I was getting desperate to fill my tag once again.  On this particular afternoon, Arnold and I were hunting alone on his land.  By that time, both Frank Mack and Gerald Kirk had stopped hunting with us, so Arnold and I spent quite a few enjoyable days down there hunting together by ourselves. 

Arnold had decided to hunt in around his new pond, while I was hunting in what we call "the middle field."  In those days, we had three fields on Arnold's land.  The first was actually cut by accident, when the bulldozer driver misinterpreted our directions.  The middle field is separated from the first by a small patch of trees, and from a ladder stand in these woods you can actually watch both fields, although the stand points more toward the middle field.  The third field is a very small one, set about 40 yards past the middle field.

As night was starting to fall and I was watching the middle field, I heard a noise behind me in the first field.  I looked over my shoulder and saw a good sized spike buck feeding at the edge of the field, not 10 yards from where my stand was.   I raised my 7mm mag and centered the crosshairs on his shoulder.  I fired, and somehow managed to miss this easy 10 yard "chip shot."  Amazingly, the deer simply kept feeding, as the echo of the shot rolled through the hills.  I jacked another round in the chamber and tried again, this time hitting the deer squarely in the heart and dropping him in his tracks.